JJProperty Management

& Multiservice Inc.

is a female-owned and operated business, managed by our Broker Johnny Suarez.  It was stablished in 2008 as a DBA and incorporated in 2012. Our hotel management and customer service background is a plus in keeping all of our clients and tenants happy with an exemplary service history.

Jackie Alvarez

Jackie Alvarez is the Founder and President of JJProperty Management & Multiservice Inc., where Jackie, together with her staff are be happy to assist you with property management and rental needs.  She has more than twenty years of experience in customer service in the hospitality industry.  Working with people is very enjoyable no matter what the job is, the solution comes naturally, she has a record of success just by word of mouth providing Property Management to private investors and invidual owners from all of RI

Born in the Dominican Republic, she came to USA in 1978.  Jackie moved to Rhode Island in 2004 from NYC, following her husband Johnny Suarez of more than 15 years, which together have five wonderful children.


Jackie is a 2010 Latina Leader Institute graduate; she is now an active Latina in the community and is involved in several community organizations and committees, including but not limited to The Rhode Island Latino Political Action Committee, the Rhode Island Civic Fund (RILCF) and the RI Latina Leadership Institute (LLI) where she is an active member, in 2016 JJProperty Management & Multiservice Inc. was selected to be part of the 1st. cohort of GOLDMAN SACHS 10,000 Small Business in Rhode Island at the Warwick CCRI campus, which was just  completed on January 5, 2017.  Jackies experience in the business makes her a true asset to the Latinos community in Rhode Island.


Company History

JJProperty Management & Multiservice Inc. was incorporated in 2012, like the bible says GOD wouldn't close one door without opening a window, and thats how JJProperty Management happened. In 2008 when the real estate market crashed my husband's construction company, which I used to manage, had to close its doors, although we are happy to say that he is now our Managing Broker

as that happened one of his private lenders ended up acquiring many properties that he had to foreclose on, He is now my mentor and one of my biggest clients since we manage most of his properties.


Eventually, word of mouth happened which is said to be the best advertising, I started getting referral after referral the clients began to double, that's when I hired my first employee Aris Triunfel which is now our office Manager and my right hand, I then hired my second employee an administrative assistant we are now four in the office including myself.  I do keep in mind that without GOD none of this would have been possible  and wouldn't be where we are today.



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